Who We Are

Since LCRC’s inception in September of 1995, Alex and Lorri’s hands have been helping people discover God’s purpose for their life through strong Bible-based faith teaching, heart-felt worship, diversity and a warm and friendly atmosphere.

LCRC is changing the way people see church. Through God encounters many people have overcome addictions, marriages have been restored and most have experienced increase in their personal finances. We are a church that ignites passion for the things of God and a place of integrity that exhibits godly character and strong Biblical convictions.

This is not a church. This is a movement. This is an apostolic movement that is raising up sons and daughters. We are two generations coming together – connecting the older with the younger! We have got to shift from a church mindset to a Kingdom mindset and with a Kingdom mindset we get an inheritance – we rise up sons and daughters. It’s an apostolic movement.

Since this identification, the body of believers at LCRC are committed to raising up sons and daughters in the earth. It’s our desire to see the hearts of the fathers turn to the children and the hearts of the children turn to the fathers (Malachi 4:6). In order to reach the next generation and all other generations, we must train up people who are whole-heartedly committed to prayer, who seek the face of God and who disciple those desiring to come into a walk of faith through Jesus Christ.